The Business Case

Slide The rapid pace of change in rail transport means there are more demands than ever on your time. Change can increase additional commitments on your team with day-to-day duties or other project responsibilities. A change may require a specific specialist skill set that you do not readily have available in house. It takes extensive training and practice to build a good level of expertise and experience. Consultancy may offer a better and faster alternative in meeting your requirements.
HARMUK have three key advantages over in-house resource that are not necessarily available to the Client as a whole:
(1) a degree of independence from the day-to-day operational delivery gives headspace and focus;
(2) we see best practice in other places; and
(3) we can provide expertise and implement these skills to support the business.

• Quality, value and cost
• Meeting client centred needs
• Improving compliance
• Reducing risk exposure
• Optimising performance
• Enhancing capability
• Increasing value (effectiveness)
• Decreasing costs (efficiencies)
• Supporting governance
We focus on:

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